Public Service Authority Releases New Website

Public Service Authority Releases New Website

July 23, 2012


​Bedford, Virginia – The Bedford County Public Service Authority (“Authority”) has released a new public web page for the water and sewer utility. This page is designed to offer better navigation for users and to allow the Authority to have a more up-to-date technology based website. Included in the upgrade is also a new intranet for Authority employees.

Not only does the website have an updated look and be more user-friendly, but it also offers more technology updates. This site will allow the Authority to better track visitors to the website using Google Analytics, to know how many people visit the site, which pages they visit, how frequently, etc. Both sites are also built on SharePoint, a Microsoft program that will allow the Authority to have a more interactive and social intranet and to set the foundation for linking other internal documents and programs. This will ultimately make the Authority more efficient.

“The sites couldn’t be released at a better time,” stated Megan Rapp, Communications Coordinator. “In light of all of the adverse weather that this area has seen over the last year, the sites will better allow the Authority to communicate internally and externally in emergency situations, having access to the sites in and out of the office to be able to update with emergency plans and access emergency information.”

The sites were made by the SharePoint design company dataBridge located in Arden, North Carolina. The new site can be viewed at

Click here to download the press release.