Toilets are Not Trashcans. The 3P’s are the only things that should be flushed down the toilet. The only things that should be flushed are the 3P’s: pee, poo, and toilet paper

What Not to Flush

It is important to remember that toilets are not trash cans. It may be easy to dispose of unwanted items in the toilet, and just flush them away, but they don’t disappear. Items that don’t break down can cause blockages that may lead to sewer backups for homeowners, but can also cause blockages further down the sewer system leading to sewer overflows within the community.

Overflowing sewage, besides being an unsightly mess, could cause harm to human health, as well as the environment. If the items make it to the wastewater plants, other problems may occur as piping, and pumps within the plant can become clogged. This could affect the proper treatment of the wastewater as pumps have to be taken out of service to be cleaned, or repaired.

Paper Towels