Water Supply

Area Water Sources

The Bedford Regional Water Authority utilizes multiple sources of water to serve its customers. Many of our customers may have water supplied by more than one source. Our main source of water is Smith Mountain Lake, but we also provide treated drinking water from Stoney Creek Reservoir near the Town of Bedford. Other sources of supply include the Pedlar Reservoir and the James River which is purchased from the City of Lynchburg, and Carvins Cove Reservoir, which is purchased from the Western Virginia Water Authority.

Here is a breakdown of which water source serves which parts of our service area:


Customers within the New London and Forest areas may be supplied with water from Smith Mountain Lake or the Pedlar Reservoir, with additional supplies coming from the James River during periods of greater demand.

The Town of Bedford

The Town of Bedford is supplied by a combination of water from the Stoney Creek Reservoir and Smith Mountain Lake.


Customers near the lake who are not supplied by a community well are reserved water exclusively from Smith Mountain Lake.


The Authority purchases the water for Stewartsville from the Western Virginia Water Authority. The primary source of drinking water in this area is the Carvins Cove Reservoir.

Mountain View Shores, Valley Mills, Paradise Point

The Bedford Regional Water Authority also owns independent water systems located on Smith Mountain Lake that use wells as their water sources. The BRWA maintains the aforementioned distribution systems that serve many within these localized community.