Bedford Weaving Drops Lawsuit Against Authority

Bedford Weaving Drops Lawsuit Against Authority

June 27, 2022


​The lawsuit filed against the Bedford Regional Water Authority (“Authority”) is now in the process of being dropped. On Friday, February 21st Bedford Weaving filed a motion for a non-suit at the Bedford County Circuit Court.

The lawsuit was filed by Bedford Weaving in January. It claimed that the Authority did not have the power to continue with the Smith Mountain Lake Water Treatment Plant project since it was not outlined in its Articles of Incorporation. Bedford Weaving was also concerned about the possibility of receiving water from the Lake and how it would affect its operations.

The Authority was aware of Bedford Weavings’ concerns before the suit, and had taken measures to help overcome the company’s apprehensions about the project. This included assessing the situation in an engineering study being performed for the project.

“Bedford Weaving is important to the community, and we want to help them be successful,” said Elmer Hodge, Authority Chair.

The Authority continued working with Bedford Weaving throughout the suit, meeting with them on occasion to talk about ways to alleviate their concerns.

“We are very pleased to be working together with Bedford Weaving to try to meet their needs. We believe our working together factored into the suit being dropped,” said Brian Key, Executive Director at the Authority.