Moneta Elementary School Sewer Project Complete

Moneta Elementary School Sewer Project Complete

June 15, 2015


​The Moneta Elementary School septic project came to a close on May 29th, just over a year after when talks began about saving the school from closing and connecting to the Bedford Regional Water Authority’s (“Authority”) public septic system.

Last summer the decision was made to have the school connect to the Authority’s septic system, with the Authority managing the project and Bedford County covering the estimated $400,000 project cost. This decision was made due to the failing drain systems at the school.

“This project was uniting for the entire community, showing support for the education system, and doing what it takes to ensure that Bedford County continues to provide a reliable school system for its children,” said Brian Key, Authority Executive Director.

Prior to construction, the Authority had to get various permits, easements, and approval from the Bedford County Planning Commission. After all the groundwork was laid for the project, the Authority was then able to receive bids from contractors. Warrco, Inc. was the winning contractor, with a bid of $278,000, coming in well below the estimated $400,000 for the project.

Construction began on January 28, 2015 with the project completion date set 90 days out. However, the completion date of the project was extended due to weather delays throughout the winter and several scheduling delays. On May 29, 2015, the school was connected to the Authority’s septic system. The project came in on budget, saving the County over $100,000 reserved for the connection. The school will be able to open in the fall with confidence that the former septic problems are history.