Bedford Water Changes Deposits and Inactive Accounts

Bedford Water Changes Deposits and Inactive Accounts

September 9, 2013


​At the Bedford Regional Water Authority’s September board meeting on the 17th, the board decided to make changes to how the Authority charges deposits and inactive accounts.

“The Authority is always open to customer suggestions and listening to their concerns,” said Brian Key, PE, Executive Director of the Authority. “This is just another example of how the Authority sets a high priority on providing quality service to the community.”

Customers now have a choice for their deposits: they can either pay the set rate ($250 for residential and $850 for non-residential) or they can pay a deposit based on the historical average usage of the property being served. This combines the two practices that the former Bedford County Public Service Authority and City of Bedford were practicing before their consolidation into the Bedford Regional Water Authority.

The Authority has also revised the way in which inactive accounts are handled. Inactive accounts will now have a meter in place (unless the property is condemned or no building is on the property), the meter will be read every billing period, and the Authority will not charge the customers any fees for this service. As soon as activity is recorded on the meter, the account will become active and the customer will be charged for that usage. This eliminates the base fees and service charges for inactive accounts the Authority had previously been charging.