Bedford Regional Water Authority Board Recommends 7th Member

Bedford Regional Water Authority Board Recommends 7th Member

January 23, 2013


​At a regularly scheduled board meeting on January 22nd, the Bedford Regional Water Authority (“Authority”) held interviews for the vacant seventh member position on the board. This position was purposely left vacant when the board members were appointed in December, as outlined to the consolidation agreement that will combine the Bedford County Public Service Authority and the City of Bedford Water and Sewer. The agreement stipulated that the six board members (three of which were appointed by the City of Bedford and three were appointed by Bedford County) were to recommend a seventh board member in the first 45 days of their being in office or the decision would go to a Circuit Court Judge.

The Authority Board immediately began work on finding their seventh candidate at their first board meeting on December 18, 2012. The board discussed the qualities and traits they were looking for in a member, which included being business savvy and good with numbers. The board members then brought their ideas to the January 8th special board meeting. Afterwards the possible candidates were then contacted and asked to attend the January 22nd meeting for an interview.

The two candidates that were interviewed at the January 22nd meeting were Cindy Gunnoe, of Gunnoe Sausage, and Robert “Bob” Sherman, a current member of the Bedford County Public Service Authority board and real estate broker for the area. Both candidates were separately interviewed by the full board in open session. The board then went into closed session to make their decision, and then in open session named Cindy Gunnoe as their recommended seventh member. The board made their official recommendation to the City of Bedford and Bedford County in a resolution (available at

The County will then vote on this recommendation at their meeting on January 28th and the City has not yet named the date on which they will vote, although their next regularly scheduled meeting will be held on February 12th. If both entities do not approve this vote, then the seventh member decision will be handed over to the Circuit Court Judge.

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