New Water Authority Conducts First Board Meeting

New Water Authority Conducts First Board Meeting

December 20, 2012


The first board meeting for the Bedford Regional Water Authority (“BRWA”) was held on Tuesday, December 18 in the Bedford County Public Service Authority’s (“BCPSA”) board room. This was the first board meeting that has been held of the newly formed Bedford Regional Water Authority, a result of the reversion of the City of Bedford to a town. This new Authority, constituted of the BCPSA and City of Bedford Water and Wastewater Department, will be fully consolidated come July 1, 2013. At this time the only employees are the board of directors and the interim Executive Director, Brian Key. The board will be meeting in the months leading up to consolidation to ensure a smooth transition on July 1.

The six board members were appointed by City Council and the Bedford Board of Supervisors earlier this year. The six members are: Bob Flynn, Elmer Hodge, Michael Moldenhauer, Tom Segroves, Walter Siehien, and Carl Wells. After the board members were sworn in prior to the meeting, the first order of business the directors took was discussing possible recommendations for a seventh board member. The current board members have 45 days to make a recommendation of a seventh member to City Council and the Bedford County Board of Supervisors. The board decided to contact individuals they thought would be a good addition to the board interview them in January. Elections were also held, electing Elmer Hodge as Chair, Carl Wells as Vice Chair, and Brian Key as Secretary/Treasurer.

The board took their first action by passing the Governance Documents for the BRWA. As part of this process, the decision was made to have regular board meetings the fourth Tuesday of the month at 7pm. All meetings will be held in the BCPSA board room located on Falling Creek Road. The board also decided to hold a special meeting on January 8th at 7pm. This meeting they board will begin heavy review of policies, since so many policies need to be reviewed and adopted prior to July 1, in addition to adopting a budget.

About the Bedford County Public Service Authority:
The Bedford Regional Water Authority (“Authority”) was created pursuant to the Water and Sewer Authorities Act Chapter 28, Title 15.1 code of Virginia of 1950, as amended. In accordance with the Reversion Agreement executed in August, 2012, the Authority was created by the Bedford County Board of Supervisors (“Supervisors”) by resolution dated November 14, 2012 and the Bedford City Council (“Council”) by resolution dated November 27, 2012. The Authority is authorized to acquire, finance, contract, operate, and maintain water systems, sewer systems, sewage disposal and treatment systems.

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