Bedford County PSA Votes “Yes” for Consolidation

Bedford County PSA Votes “Yes” for Consolidation

November 20, 2012


At the Bedford County Public Service Authority (“Authority”) board meeting on Tuesday, November 20th, the board voted “yes” to pass the consolidation agreement to merge the Authority with the City water and sewer utilities into a new utility named the Bedford Regional Water Authority. All of the six members present voted to pass the agreement. The board members in attendance were Mr. Robert Sherman, Mr. Thomas Segroves, Mr. Jerry Falwell, Jr., Mr. Carl Wells, Ms. Pollard, and Mr. Gerald Foutz. Mr. Robert Flynn was not in attendance and did not cast a vote.

As the board finished casting their votes and the motion passed, Mr. Brian Key, Authority Executive Director pointed out the irony and the unusual circumstances of the board votes, as they basically had just voted themselves out of existence come July 1, 2013.

The Authority continued in the Board of Supervisor’s direction as the agreement was passed with the amendment that the Bedford Regional Water Authority be given the dump truck now in the City’s possession, which would be a costly item for the new Authority to purchase in its first year. The other item that was discussed during the meeting before the board voted was the crash attenuation trailer that was not included in the asset list. This was one asset that was requested by Chairman Wells in a letter to the Board of Supervisors. This was a smaller cost item than the dump truck and not an item that the board thought important enough to hold up the agreement.

City Council is slated to cast the last vote on the consolidation agreement on November 27th and potentially name their three board appointments on December 11th.

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