Bedford County Public Service Authority Releases First Strategic Plan

Bedford County Public Service Authority Releases First Strategic Plan

January 3, 2012


​The Bedford County Public Service Authority has released a five-year strategic plan for the organization. This is the first strategic plan the Authority has ever compiled since its inception as an Authority in 1970. This plan is available at

The strategic plan outlines goals for the next five years (2012-2016) that will enable the Authority to better serve the community in its mission. These long-range goals will not interfere with daily production and services to customers but will enable the Authority to enhance its services, processes, and communication with the community. The strategic plan is the result of a collaborated effort of the Board of Directors and the Authority staff to outline the most important projects to accomplish in the next five years.

“Having a strategic plan is invaluable to the organization,” said Brian Key, the Authority executive director. “It provides a clear guide for the Authority over the next five years. It also communicates with the public what to expect in the future and shows them we are ever progressing to provide even better services to our customers”

At the time that this strategic plan was compiled, the Authority was aware of the imminent reversion of Bedford City and the likely event of the Authority merging with Bedford City water and sewer utilities. Since there were still many unknown details about the reversion process, the Authority decided to move ahead with strategic planning. As a result, this plan provides the long-term goals of the Authority and primarily does not factor in reversion. The hope is that the strategic plan will help provide direction for the Authority or for the new water authority of Bedford. The Authority is aware that if the merger goes through, this plan will likely change; it is understood that a strategic plan is ever evolving, taking into account factors that could not be predicted at the time that it was drafted. The strategic plan will be evaluated annually, or whenever necessary (as would be the case in reversion), to accommodate any unforeseen changes.

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