Local Stimulus Plan for Long Standing Authority Customers

Local Stimulus Plan for Long Standing Authority Customers

April 5, 2010


​The Bedford County Public Service Authority (“Authority”) is pleased to announce that they will be advancing the return of security deposits for many of its customers. The Authority understands the economic challenges that many of its customers are dealing with, and they are pleased to be able to assist some of their customers with advancing some credits to their accounts. The Authority is continuously looking for more efficient and cost saving measures to help their customers wherever possible, and they are optimistic about the future while striving to provide the best quality services as cost effectively as possible.

In accordance with the Authority’s deposit policy, they are in the second year of refunding deposits for their customers that have had long standing accounts. This year it was planned to refund customer that had accounts in good standing that put deposits on file from January 1, 1994 through December 31, 1998; the total of these refunds approximately $62,000. The Authority will not only be refunding these accounts, they are also excited to be able to refund the accounts for customers from January 1, 1999 through December 31, 2003; the amount of these advanced refunds is approximately $105,000. These refunds will be credited to the applicable customers accounts on the statements mailed out the first week of May 2010 and June 2010; the credits will be applied to the customers existing balance.

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