Moneta Wastewater Plant Construction

Moneta Wastewater Plant Construction

March 15, 2006


​Construction of the Moneta Wastewater Treatment System, which began in October 2005, is in high gear. The first utility based Public Private Education and Infrastructure Act (PPEA) project in the state of Virginia has thus far been an exciting endeavor for the PSA and the Moneta Resource Group (which is comprised of English Construction and the Falwell Corporation).

A tract of land located on Route 608 (White House Road) will be the central location of the WWTP. With a collection system spanning along Route 122 (Moneta Road) to Hales Ford Bridge and containing cross country lines that will provide sewer connections along Route 655 (Hendricks Store Road), the plant, once complete will provide Moneta residents and business owners with a 500,000 gallon per day wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) boasting expansion capabilities of an additional 1,000,000 gallons per day in the future. Containing over 9 miles of collection lines and 4 pump stations (located at Bridgewater Bay, downtown Moneta, Blue Ridge Regional Jail Authority Camp 24 Annex, and the master pump station located at the WWTP), the $13.1 million dollar project is anticipated to be completed in early November enabling the PSA to take ownership of the plant in December. The system should be ready to start accepting wastewater flows and new connections as early as January 01, 2007.

Assembly of the plant is well on schedule with the collection system (containing both gravity sewer and forcemain sewer) is currently about 30% complete, the concrete structures for the WWTP are about 80% complete and construction of Pump Station 1 located in the Bridgewater Bay Subdivision is underway. Within the next few months construction areas anticipated to begin will include the other 3 pump stations and a laboratory building for on-site sampling and testing to ensure compliance with the Virginia Department of Health standards.

The ever present growth experienced at the PSA in the Moneta area can be viewed via the now on-line live webcam feed which allows multiple views of the Moneta WWTP construction site. Individuals may “take control” of the web-camera for a period of 30 seconds. Within this 30 second timeframe, you have the ability to span the camera along the entire construction site to see what’s going on. The webcam sponsored by English Construction and the Falwell Corporation can be accessed at ( Instructions for using the webcam are located directly under the picture box located in the middle of the screen.

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