BCPSA water connections begin Friday, January 24, 2003

BCPSA water connections begin Friday, January 24, 2003

January 23, 2003


​Connections to the new Bedford County Public Service Authority (BCPSA) waterline recently constructed by George E. Jones & Sons, Inc., on New London road will be made by the BCPSA maintenance staff starting January 24, 2003.

“We’re pleased to be turning on service to New London Road. The contractor and his crews did a commendable job working, often in inclement weather, to complete this waterline as expeditiously as possible,” said Willie Jones, administrator of the BCPSA.

The New London area was one of the areas in the county hardest hit by the drought last summer. Many individual wells dried completely during the warmer months and despite recent snow and rain, have yet to recover.

Residents wishing to connect to the new line must visit the BCPSA office, located at 1723 Falling Creek Road, and pay all applicable fees. Individual service lines, which connect the meter on the new public line to the residence, must also be in the ground, and the property owner or property owner’s plumber must be present when the meter is installed.

Residents who have paid all fees and have private service lines in place can call the BCPSA Operations Manager Elmer Handy at 540-586-7679, extension 103, or 540-871-0177 to schedule meter installation.

Connection fees total $3,205.00 and must be paid in full prior to meter installation. Depending on work-load, meter base installation and/or meter installation may be scheduled up to two weeks after fees are paid and/or notification of readiness by homeowner is given.

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