Hillcrest Waterline Extension Complete

Hillcrest Waterline Extension Complete

May 8, 2014


​​The Hillcrest neighborhood in Bedford County has struggled with a reliable water source for decades. Since the 1970s, this high maintenance and expensive well system has been the responsibility of the local water authority.

As of July 30, 2014 the well system no longer supplies the water to the neighborhood; a waterline extension project connected the Central system owned by the Bedford Regional Water Authority (“Authority”). This project was the last construction project approved and started by the former Bedford County Public Service Authority; due to delays in easement acquisition, however, construction did not begin until March 2014.

“We were continually at risk of running out of water in Hillcrest with the wells,” said Brian Key, Authority Executive Director. “Summertime proves to be the hardest on the wells, and at times we actually needed to haul water into the system to cover the needs of the community.”

Residents served by the former Hillcrest well system frequently experienced water restrictions and water disruptions due to limited water storage in the well system. Water often had to be brought in by water haulers during times of water main breaks or higher usage. With a dependable water supply source now available, water restrictions have now been removed for these customers.

The project consists of the extension of a waterline down Wheatland Road from the existing public waterline on Route 460, and then connecting the waterlines to the well system on Sleepy Ridge Drive.

The Hillcrest community is located in Bedford County, just west of the Town of Bedford limits, with approximately 50 customers residing there.