New London South Waterline to be completed soon

New London South Waterline to be completed soon

February 1, 2003


​The Bedford County Public Service Authority (BCPSA) endeavors to serve the county by providing quality water and sewer service to existing clients, as well as extending service to new areas.

The New London South Waterline project, along with approximately 11 others, was approved for funding through a loan acquired through the Virginia Resources Authority. The Bedford County Board of Supervisors first approved the BCPSA’s request for funding in February 2002, and the money first became available for use in June 2002. Since July, the survey, design, easement acquisition, and construction procurement have taken place on 5 other projects, and a schedule has been developed to complete the remaining ones within the next 3 years
The New London Road portion of the New London South project will be the first of the group of projects to be completed; although the original date for completion for this first phase of the project was anticipated for December 23, 2002, unforeseen obstacles have slightly delayed the completion of the project until February 2003.

The BCPSA is confident that the contractor hired for this project will complete the New London South project in a reasonable time frame that coincides with the boundaries of the project contract. The second phase of New London South, which includes Bethel Church Road and Evington Road is slated to begin in February 2003, along with several neighborhood line extension projects in this same area of the county.

The BCPSA is sensitive to the urgency of need in many areas of the county, and is diligently working to complete the projects and to provide the residents with their requested services as soon as possible.

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