Fats, Rags, Oils, and Grease (FROG) Program

The Bedford Regional Water Authority Fats, Rags, Oils, and Grease (FROG) Program is designed to protect the service area from sanitary sewer overflows by keeping these elements out of the sewer system. The primary source of concentrated FROG is commercial food service establishments; however, residences contribute to the FROG found in our sewer system as well. By regulating and monitoring the food service establishments in our service area and providing outreach and education for our residential customers the FROG Program will keep our sewer system clear and functioning so we can provide excellent service to our customers.

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Food Service Establishments

Commercial Food Service Establishments (FSEs) with sewer service are required to install and maintain grease interceptor devices. These devices must be registered with the Bedford Regional Water Authority which can be done by filling out a registration form and returning it to the Compliance Coordinator. Additionally, a Quarterly Report must be submitted each quarter to report all cleaning and maintenance of the registered device. Annual inspections are conducted of all FSE’s in order to ensure the effectiveness of the grease interceptor and the cleaning methods in use and to verify all cleaning and inspection records. Cleaning Logs and Inspection Logs are provided to assist our customers with keeping the required records. Links to all of the documents mentioned are listed below. FSE’s found to be out of compliance with the FROG Program and/or discharging FROG to the public sewer system will be subject to fines and penalties.

Device Registration Forms


Cleaning Logs


Weekly Logs


Quarterly Reports


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Public Outreach is an important component to preventing the build-up of FROG in the sewer system. Educating our customers on ways they can prevent plumbing issues in their home and avoid contributing to the sewer system issues that FROG can cause is a priority that we take seriously but also enjoy immensely.

If you have a group or class in the community, our Compliance Coordinator is available to come present our FROG Program. Our presentations are informative, interactive, fun, and can be tailored to any age group to keep the participants engaged and learning.

    ------->  Clubs can use this flyer to help promote their event!

     -------> Check out our Love Your Pipes Presentation here!

     -------> Click through to learn through the eyes of our FROG Leader Piper in his FROG Presentation.

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We also encourage all of our customers to come by our office and pick up a complimentary Love Your Pipes grease kit!


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To contact the FROG program with any questions or concerns, please email: FROG@brwa.com.

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