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Bedford Water Authority Board Passes Budget without Rate Increase


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Bedford Regional Water Authority and Western Virginia Water Authority Encourage Businesses to Flush Water Before Reopening


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Water Authority Takes Ownership of Mariners Landing Water & Sewer Company


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Bedford Regional Water Authority Takes Ownership of Mariners Landing Water & Sewer Company


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Bedford Regional Water Authority postpones rate increase adoption


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Water Authority Board Defers Rate Approval Due to Coronavirus


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Bedford Regional Water Authority Employees Rally Behind Emergency Workers


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Bedford Water Takes PRIDE in Its Organization


​This year has been the year of PRIDE at the Bedford Regional Water Authority (“Authority”). PRIDE, in this case, being an acronym for the theme of the year at the Authority: Personal Responsibility In Delivering Excellence.

Each month, one department of the Authority has the chance to spread their team PRIDE in whatever way feels natural for that team. This allows the whole organization to celebrate the unique skills and role each particular department brings to the organization – and the community.

"This is the first year for the Authority to have a consistent theme for our employee events, training, and development to focus around," said Brian Key, Executive Director of the Authority. "It's been inspiring to see each department share in such a unique way that invokes even more PRIDE in our work force." 

This month the Maintenance Department did what they do best – using their hands to express their creativity and skill by cutting out letter boards for PRIDE and decorating them to express the unique elements of what is important to their department and what it does for the community.

The “P” represents “Cancer Awareness” month, the “R” is pipe in the ground (sewer and water), the “I” is a wrench in traffic control gear, the “D” represents the safety shirts worn by the crews, and the “E” represents a safety cone. This sign sits in front of the main office buildings on Falling Creek road for all to view.

Earlier this year, the customer service team hosted a breakfast with a picture slideshow of the team working (from meter readers to the representatives who answer phone calls and take payments) with Dolly Parton’s song “9 to 5” playing as photos of the team at work streamed by.

Water operations had departments play their own BINGO creation, using PRIDE instead of BINGO, which each of the squares listing an item the team was proud of participating in and providing for the area.

Wastewater operations had a video presentation along with an edible chocolate fountain as an ode to wastewater. They also performed a visual water quality test with attendees, passing around three bottles of water (tap, bottled, and water from the wastewater plant at the end of the treatment cycle) to see if employees could differentiate between the three. This turned out to be incredibly difficult as there was virtually no visual difference between the three.

The finance department did another play on the acronym, giving each employee a bag of candy with a tag listing items they were proud of for every letter in PRIDE. The candy, of course, also had a financial theme, with Paydays and mints encased in a fake money wrapper being part of their PRIDE.

There are still a few departments to go this year: Engineering, Human Resources, and Information Systems.  This has been a fun event that has helped employees better understand what each department does while also allowing each team to flex their creativity and show their skills to the entire organization.

Avoid a Fatberg and Join Grease Friday with Bedford Water


​Don’t let your holiday season be ruined by backed up pipes and emergency plumber bills! Instead, join the Bedford Regional Water Authority and participate in Grease Friday to help save our community pipes.

Fats, rags, oils, and grease going down the drain is a major problem for our area. This can especially become worse around the holiday season with so many grease heavy meals being prepared.

“The term fatberg is now a real term in our society,” said Kandace Carter, Compliance Coordinator. “Fatbergs are massive lumps of congealed fat, wet wipes and other debris that get trapped in our sewer pipes and can literally weigh tons and be larger than buses. The closest known one to us is in Baltimore, where there was over a million gallon sewage spill that even caused toilets to explode with sewer. We want fatbergs to stay far away from our service area and Grease Friday is one step to help avoid that.” 

Thankfully, the Authority is here to help save our pipes in just three easy steps!

  1. Cook and enjoy your Holiday Feast!
  2. Don’t pour your fats, oils, or grease down the drain! Instead, pour them into sealed containers (that the Authority will provide for FREE!).
  3. Bring them to one of the drop off locations on Grease Friday to safely and quickly dispose of your fats, oils, and grease!

Grease Bucket Giveaway: The Authority is giving away free grease buckets on Saturday, November 17 from 8am to noon at the following locations:

  • Forest: Kroger, 15069 Forest Road (off 221)
  • Town of Bedford: Longwood Avenue Shopping Center
  • Moneta: Food Lion, 14807 Moneta Road

Buckets can also be picked up at the Authority’s main office at 1723 Falling Creek Road Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm.

Grease Friday: To dispose of your grease, just bring the bucket back to where you picked it up on Grease Friday (November 25) from 8am to noon.

Not only will this save pipes from being clogged with costly cleanup expenses, but this grease will be recycled! The grease will be donated to a local farmer whose stock see our waste as their feast. By participating in Grease Friday, you are not only helping save your pipes but also help provide for local livestock!​

Reception and Open House for Joint Water Treatment Facility


Moneta, Va. (May 8, 2017)  An open house and reception will be held on Thursday, May 11th for the grand opening of the Smith Mountain Lake Water Treatment Facility. This celebration marks the opening of the first jointly owned and operated water treatment facility in Virginia.

“I’ve watched this project grow from just an idea many years ago, to drawings on paper, to now this magnificent facility that we now can walk through,” said Elmer Hodge, Bedford Regional Water Authority Board of Directors Chair. “This is a project that not only should all parties who were involved in creating this be proud of, but the community as well. This really shows how working together between neighboring water authorities can benefit the region at large.”
The event begins at 1:30pm at the facility located at 1500 Radford Church Road in Moneta. The event will be kicked off by speakers by the Bedford Regional Water Authority (“BRWA”), the Western Virginia Water Authority (“WVWA”), and Black & Veatch. The speeches will be followed by a ceremonial water toast and tours of the facility.
The BRWA and the WVWA signed an agreement May 7, 2014 to work together to develop a new water treatment facility at Smith Mountain Lake.  This new facility was designed with expansion capabilities to meet both utilities’ joint water needs through the year 2060.
“This facility helps the community now, and it will continue to be seen as a benefit for the community down the road,” said Donald Davis, WVWA Board of Directors Chair.  “In the future, I feel that people will look back and say that Western Virginia Water Authority working together with the Bedford Regional Water Authority to design and build this facility was a bold decision that enabled future generations and businesses to have the reliable water supply that they need, eliminated duplication of resources and minimized environmental impacts by only constructing one building.”
Under the partnership concept, the two water authorities equally share the ownership and the operation of the new Smith Mountain Lake Water Treatment Facility.  This is a 3-million gallon per day treatment facility that can be expanded to 6-million gallons per day within the framework of the new building.
The Regional Long Range Water Supply Plan recommended expanding the treatment and distribution of drinking water from Smith Mountain Lake to meet the growing water needs within the region by 2060.  This new facility will allow for the drinking water and fire protection needs of current and future customer to be met. The reversion agreement for the Town of Bedford also stipulated that the BRWA provide a backup source to the Town of Bedford by December 2016, and this facility meets that need.
The Smith Mountain Lake Water Treatment Facility is the culmination of seven years of planning and 19 months of construction. There have been countless meetings, emails, and phone calls the Authorities have shared over the years, pooling ideas and working through differences to come together in mutual agreeance and pride over the water treatment facility that now provides safe drinking water for over 14,500 customers across 1,400 square miles across two large, rural counties and one town.
The facility was constructed as a progressive design/build agreement with Black & Veatch and Overland Contracting.  CHA is the engineering consulting firm that is the local design/build representative for the project.  This project has incorporated the unique experience of creating a facility through a design build team that employed 46 Virginia based contractors that included 190 craftsmen (with over 200,000 hours without accident).  The result is a state of the art water treatment system that is one of only 14 of its type in Virginia.
This membrane plant has 216 modules that each have 10,000 membrane filter strands to provide the unique water treatment capability. The membranes can filter out particles larger than 0.02 Microns.  One Micron is equivalent to one one-thousandth of a millimeter. The facility also houses over 3,000 feet of water pipe, one million feet of electrical and communication wiring, and 100,000 feet of conduit. However, just to get water to the plant from the raw water intake at Smith Mountain Lake, over 13,000 feet of pipe was installed.
The Raw Water Intake is permitted to take 12 million gallons per day from the Lake. Currently, only about two-million gallons a day are needed from the intake to supply the need of the customer base. The process of building the intake was notable, with cranes and divers needed to install the 30-inch diameter screens in the lake which are connected to two 18-inch pipes. Two pumps are also installed in the lake to feed the water from the lake, into the pipes, and up the hill to the treatment facility.
Smith Mountain Lake is a very viable and clean source of water for the region. Thankfully the facility does not need to compete with water needs from recreational users or residents at the lake. More water is actually lost to daily evaporation than what is pumped from the lake for drinking water treatment. The average amount of water lost to evaporation from the lake is 0.23 inches a day, while the lake level is only dropped 0.0011 inches for each one-million gallons a day pumped from the lake for drinking water treatment.  Also, during times of drought there are restrictions put upon water production and usage; this ensures that the water facility and the lake residents are both able to use the water as a drinking water supply and enjoy the lake recreationally.
 Milestones of Project:
·         December 17, 2013 – Entered contract with OCI (Black & Veatch) for Phase 1 Services (Design)
·         May 8, 2014 – WVWA and BRWA sign agreement to jointly own and operate facility
·         December 16, 2014 – Entered contract with GE for membrane purchase
·         July 24, 2015 – Entered contract with OCI (Black & Veatch) for Phase 2 Services (Construction)
·         September 8, 2015 – Groundbreaking ceremony to mark the beginning of construction
·         December 19, 2016 – Raw Water Intake begins operation
·         April 6, 2017  – Water production begins at plant
·         May 11, 2017 – Reception and open house at new facility
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