Small Grinder Pump Information

The Authority has had an increasing demand for sewer service in many locations where gravity sewer service is not practical, possible, or feasible.  Through the use of Pressure Sewer Systems, the parcels of land that previously could not have sewer service can now be provided with access to the public sewer system.  As a means to provide a consistent approach to serving these parcels, and as an additional level of service for those homeowners, businesses, industries, and developers that require the pumps, the Authority has adopted Policy 6.11 to govern the requirements and stipulations related to these pressure sewer systems that are located in the Authority’s service area.

View the Small​ Grinder Pump Information Packet (Pressure Sewer System Policy)​

Contents of Packet

1. Small Grinder Pump Station Installation Checklist

2. Pressure Sewer Policy

3. Small Grinder Pump Agreement

4. User Instructions for the Environment One Grinder Pump (Applicable for all pump manufacturers)

5. Bedford County Code Excerpt - Pretreatment Ordinance

6. Primary Contact Information

a. Distributor Information

b. Supplier Information

c. Maintenance Department Information

d. Customer Service Department Information

e. Engineernig Department Information

7. Approved Contractor List for Small Grinder Pump Station Installation

8. Installation Diagram (GP-8)

9. Standard Details (CO-2; GP-2; GP-3; GP-4)

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Small Grinder Pump Information