Red, Brown, Rust, Green, & Other Colors - What Are They

Red or rust stains can be caused by an abundance of iron in the water. A brown color may indicate the presence of manganese. Green or blue-greenish stains or discoloration that appear which are not a form of mold or mildew may have several causes. Water conditions above or below the neutral pH (6.8 - 7.8) range can cause any copper or brass pipes or fittings to shed off a green or blue-greenish discoloration and when it streaks down a surface or drips it can cause a stain.

Green or blue-greenish stains or discoloration can be caused by Electrolysis. Electrolysis is very common and can be caused by two methods: 

First, where dissimilar metals are in contact with each other.

Secondly, where metal piping is not ground properly which can cause stains.

This is a common problem with homes that have been remodeled and homes with a mixture of pipe materials (ie: galvanized, copper, PEX, Wirsbo, CPVC) being used. These stains or discolorations are a symptom of a bigger problem. Water filtration or treatment is not the cure. Plumbing work will be needed to prevent the thinning of pipes, leaks in pipes and connections, and other damage.

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Red, Brown, and Rust Stains