Water Hardness Explained

Water hardness can differ across our region as it depends on the soil and rocks from where your water is taken. Our infrastructure allows us to transport water around the region to meet demand. This can mean that your water hardness is not always the same and the source may vary.

Does Hard Water Have any Health Benefit?

A daily intake of calcium is essential for normal growth and health. Foods like dairy products, beans, eggs, nuts, cauliflower, and spinach contain calcium. Hard water has a small but beneficial effect on a healthy diet. There aren't any known health risk associated with hard water.

On request, we can provide detailed information about hardness in your area.

Water Softeners?

We’re responsible for supplying clean, safe, and reliable water. Our customers, both residential, commercial, and industrial, may want to change the hardness of their water. We leave it up to you to decide whether artificial water softening is the right choice.

We do not advise on whether a water softener can be fitted. For advice on the installation of filters, softeners, and other devices, please contact a licensed professional.

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Hard Water