Chlorine Tastes and Smell

We can’t promise that your water will never taste or smell of chlorine and we know that some of our customers are more sensitive to its taste. If this is you please try the following:

1. Fill a glass jug or bottle with tap water

2. Cover it​

3. Leave it in the fridge for an hour or so

4. We recommend using chilled water within 24 hours

Why Do We Use Chlorine?

By law, we must disinfect all public water supplies. Most of the time we use chlorine-based chemicals to ensure water is safe to drink and contains no organisms which could cause illness. We only add enough chlorine to disinfect, while minimizing taste and smell.

How is it Added?

Chlorine is continuously added in our Water Treatment Operations which are monitored 24 hours a day.

How is it Added?

The level of chlorine in water supplies can vary slightly depending on the distance the water has to travel through our pipes. Customers who live closer to a Water Treatment Facility may notice higher levels of chlorine and water smells. At times of high demand, such as first thing in the morning and late afternoon, more people use water meaning the water travels to you more quickly and may contain more chlorine. With time, the concentration of chlorine in the water pipes reduces.

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Chlorine Tastes and Smell