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Review Phase: Staff was courteous and helpful during project review.

Review Phase: Project review fees were fair and reasonable.

Review Phase: Response time was satisfactory.

Review Phase: Review comments were clear to understand.

Review Phase: Authority processes and standards were clearly conveyed.

Review Phase: Project was carried out consistent with processes and standards provided.

Review Phase: Developer packet provided appropriate amount of information.

Review Phase: Comments or suggestions on the Plan Review?

Construction and Inspection Phase: Inspector was courteous, polite, and professional.

Construction and Inspection Phase - Adequate coordination was maintained during the project.

Construction and Inspection Phase: Comments or suggestions about the Inspection?

Overall Project: Staff was available to answer basic questions.

Overall Project: Closeout procedures were clear and easy to follow.

Overall Project: Authority staff made their best effort to close the project smoothly.

Overall Project: Project was carried out consistently with previous projects.

Overall Project: Comments or suggestions in regards to our operating policies and procedures?

Overall Project: Comments or suggestions on the Overall Project?

Administration: Our rate structure was clear and easy to follow.

Administration: Information was easily located on our website.

Administration: Was there any information not currently posted on the Authority's website that would have been helpful to have there?



Bedford Regional Water Authority
1723 Falling Creek Road • Bedford • VA 24523

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