The Authority Board hires the Executive Director, who is responsible for managing the Authority. The Authority is composed of an Assistant Director, Managers and Staff specializing in Administration, Customer Service, Engineering, Finance, Information Systems, Maintenance, and Operations.

Staff Member





​Alexander, Phillip ​Maintenance ​Preventative Maintenance Supervisor p.alexander@brwa.com ​186
Arrington, Ted Maintenance Facilities Technician t.arrington@brwa.com
Arthur, Dennis Operations Operator II d.arthur@brwa.com ---
Aubrey, Megan Administration Director of Administration m.aubrey@brwa.com 121
​Ballard, Samuel ​Operations ​Operator Trainee s.ballard@brwa.com ​---
​Banks, Richard ​Operations ​Operator II r.banks@brwa.com ---​
​Barrett, Everett ​Operations ​Operator Trainee ​e.barrett@brwa.com ​​---
​Beard, Daniel ​Maintenance ​Maintenance Trainee ​d.beard@brwa.com ​​---
Beasley, Billy Operations Operator III b.beasley@brwa.com ---
Behrens, Jessica Customer Service
Customer Service Representative j.behrens@brwa.com  132
Bethel, Therron Information Systems Information Systems Manager tx.bethel@brwa.com 129
​Blankenship, Whitney Engineering ​Engineering Manager w.blankenship@brwa.com​ ​113
Bonds, Rhonda Maintenance Administrative Support Technician r.bonds@brwa.com 117
​Boothe, Shelley ​Customer Service ​Customer Service Representative ​s.boothe@brwa.com ​155
​Burdett, Jeff ​Operations ​Wastewater Operator Trainee ​j.burdett@brwa.com ​​---
Browning, Anthony Administration Logistics Coordinator a.browning@brwa.com 124
​Burks, Darryl ​Administration ​Safety Coordinator d.burks@brwa.com ​134
​Carey, Joy ​Operations ​Water Operator III ​j.carey@brwa.com ​​---
Carroll, Nathan Administration Assistant Executive Director n.carroll@brwa.com 102
Carter, Randy Operations Operator III r.carter@brwa.com ---
Cherro, Tom Maintenance Maintenance Manager
t.cherro@brwa.com 123
Coleman, James Operations Operator I j.coleman@brwa.com ---
Cook, Michael Operations Operator III m.cook@brwa.com ---
Craighead, Denny Operations Operator IV
d.craighead@brwa.com ---
Dade, Shannell Engineering Lead ConstructionTechnician s.dade@brwa.com 135
Davis, Jeffrey Maintenance Maintenance Technician j.davis@brwa.com ---
​Dean, Jared ​Engineering ​Engineering Technician II ​j.dean@brwa.com ​​---
​Deitrich, Bob ​Operations ​Water Operations Manager ​r.deitrich@brwa.com ​154
DeMarsh, Howard Engineering Lead Utility Locator h.demarsh@brwa.com 116
​Doss, Denise ​Operations ​Operator III d.doss@brwa.com ​---
​Elkins, Mikaela ​Customer Service ​Customer Service Field Rep ​m.elkins@brwa.com ​​---
English, Rhonda Engineering Director of Engineering  r.english@brwa.com 108
​Erwin, Justin ​Maintenance ​Maintenance Technician j.erwin@brwa.com ​---
Faulconer, Kelly Customer Service Customer Service Supervisor k.faulconer@brwa.com 125
​Flowers, Tony ​Maintenance ​Maintenance Supervisor ​w.flowers@brwa.com ​---​
​Fogus, Jennifer ​Engineering ​Engineering Assistant j.fogus@brwa.com ​112
Foster, Steve Engineering Civil Engineer s.foster@brwa.com 120
​Fulcher, Daniel ​Operations ​Operator I ​d.fulcher@brwa.com ​---
Gomer, Jason Maintenance Maintenance Technician j.gomer@brwa.com ---
Hale, Timothy Customer Service Customer Service Field Representative
t.hale@brwa.com ---
​Heck, Barry ​Maintenance ​Maintenance Trainee ​b.heck@brwa.com ​​---
Henderson, Dan Engineering GIS Specialist d.henderson@brwa.com 131
Hubbard, Herbert Engineering Utility Locator h.hubbard@brwa.com ---
​Jennings, Kandace ​​Operations ​Compliance Coordinator ​k.jennings@brwa.com ​157
Karnes, Dalton Operations
Lead Water Operator
Key, Brian Director Executive Director b.key@brwa.com 106
Key, Laura Operations Compliance Specialist l.key@brwa.com 101
​Lawhorn, Cody ​Administration ​Marketing Communications Specialist ​c.lawhorn@brwa.com ​​142
​Marsh, Edwin ​Maintenance ​CIP Supervisor ​e.marsh@brwa.com ​---
McCauley, Jason Maintenance Facilities Crew Leader j.mccauley@brwa.com ---
​McIvor, Marcie ​Customer Service ​Customer Service Manager ​m.mcivor@brwa.com ​119
​McNally, RJ ​Operations ​Wastewater Operator Trainee ​r.mcnally@brwa.com ​​---
​Meador, Melissa ​Human Resources ​Human Resources Manager ​m.meador@brwa.com ​​133
Mitchell, Jennifer Operations Lead Wastewater Operator
j.mitchell@brwa.com ---
Newbill, LaTasha Customer Service Customer Service Representative l.newbill@brwa.com 109
​Ogden, Jonathan ​Maintenance ​CIP Technician j.ogden@brwa.com ​---
Overstreet, Anita Customer Service Senior Customer Service Field Rep a.overstreet@brwa.com ---
​Paitsel, Tyler ​Maintenance ​Maintenance Trainee ​j.paitsel@brwa.com ​​---
Rajaniemi, Eric Operations Pretreatment Coordinator
e.rajaniemi@brwa.com 105
Ramsey, Michael Operations Wastewater Operations Manager m.ramsey@brwa.com 152
Roberson, Michelle Finance
Accounting Technician m.roberson@brwa.com  
​Salmonsen, Levi Maintenance ​Maintenance Technician ​l.salmonsen@brwa.com  ​---
Sellick, Carissa Operations Operator II c.sellick@brwa.com ---
​Sigerich, Lisa ​Operations ​Operator I ​l.sigerich@brwa.com ​---
​Sledd, Anthony ​Maintenance ​Maintenance Trainee ​a.sledd@brwa.com ​---
Slusser, Courtney Engineering Engineering Technician c.slusser@brwa.com 104
Sodders, Brian Customer Service Customer Service Field Supervisor b.sodders@brwa.com ---
Stanley, Tim Operations Operator I t.stanley@brwa.com ---
Stevens, Brad Maintenance Crew Leader b.stevens@brwa.com ---
Stoddard, Michael
Maintenance Utility Locator m.stoddard@brwa.com 157
Taylor, Walkie Operations Operator II w.taylor@brwa.com 114
Topper, Emma
Operations Operator III e.topper@brwa.com ---
Underwood, Jill Finance Director of Finance  j.underwood@brwa.com 118
​Vaughan, Christopher ​Maintenance ​Maintenance Technician ​c.vaughan@brwa.com ​​---
Vermillion, Desiree Operations Operator IV d.vermillion@brwa.com ---
​Viers, Troy ​Information Systems ​Network Technician ​t.viers@brwa.com ​128
Walker, Chad Maintenance Maintenance Supervisor c.walker@brwa.com ---
Ward, Cody Engineering Engineering Technician c.ward@brwa.com 136
Worrell, Rickie Maintenance Crew Leader r.worrell@brwa.com ---
Wray, Heather Operations Laboratory Supervisor
h.wray@brwa.com ---

 Main Office Contact Information:

1723 Falling Creek Road

Bedford, Virginia 24523

Phone: 540-586-7679

Fax: 540-586-5805

Bedford Regional Water Authority
1723 Falling Creek Road • Bedford • VA 24523